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At KM Bookkeeping of NY, Inc. we are designed to empower your business to operate at full speed.


Accuracy, dependability and trustworthy are what you can count on when you hire us to do your books.  KM Bookkeeping of NY offers customized affordable bookkeeping plans according to your business size.


Online Bookkeeping is beneficial to both the business and the bookkeeper in terms of flexibility, accuracy and overhead costing.

The business owner grants the bookkeeper remote access to its server, software and financial documents.

The bookkeeper logs into the company’s secure network from their computer and accesses all the bookkeeping documents.

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Contact KM Bookkeeping of NY, Inc

Contact us via email or through our contact us form. We will schedule a free consultation to determine your business needs and discuss how we can help you achieve your goals.


You may be starting fresh with QuickBooks Bookkeeping or switching from an existing service. Getting started is simple, easy & quick and we will assist you along the way.

Quicksbooks Online Bookkeeping

Initial step to get started is by adding us to QuickBooks Online Bookkeeping. Below are simple step-by-step instructions you need to follow to to get started with KM Bookkeeping of NY

Step-By-Step Instructions-

  • Navigate to the Manage Users Menu

  • Open Invitation

  • Enter our business Name and Email.

  • Finalize Invitation

Provide us Electronic Access

Final step before setting us up as your Bookkeeping service provider is to provide us with electronic (view only) access to your Banking platform. You can do so by logging on to your online banking accounts (checking and credit card accounts) and setting up access permissions. We will reconcile your accounts, receipts, and statements to provide a complete monthly report.

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